Despre videochat

Despre industria videochatului s-a scris mult si s-a inteles putin. Pentru a te angaja in videochat, trebuie sa stii limba engleza.Punct. Fara limba engleza nu ai nicio sansa sa faci bani in videochat. Orice firma de videochat cum ar fi de exemplu Laguna Studio are nevoie de modele frumoase si cunoscatoare de limba engleza. Asa ca daca nu te-ai apucat sa inveti limba engleza e momentul sa o faci acum pentru modeling online pentru ca altfel nu vei face bani.

Un studio de chat online cum ar fi Laguna Studio se cladeste cu bani multi iar echipa de modele videochat se sudeaza si ea cu multa greutate. Pentru a face face angajari videochat firmele apeleaza la publicitate pe tot felul de site-uri cum ar fi si acesta. Un chat model va ajunge sa castige bani buni din videochat dupa cateva luni uneori chiar 1 an si e nevoie de perseverenta pana se obtin rezultate financiare bune.


The older your photos are the more precious they become.
Yet time is the enemy of your precious Photos.
Over time they can become Faded, Yellowed, Stained, Deeply Scratched, or even Torn.
I can make your Timeless Treasures look like NEW again.


Below is a list of photo sizes and the dpi I need your photo/photos to be scanned to me in.


You can send them to me using my photo upload Make sure you scan your photo as prescribed below.
Please do not edit your photo before sending to me.

You can also use the upload, or email if you choose, to send your photo for a FREE CONSULTATION.
This image may be of a smaller size and of poorer quality than is necessary for the restoration work.
I will analysis the photo and make an estimate of the needed amount of work and will set the price.
Please specify whether you are sending the photo for an analysis or placing an order.



If you don't know how or don't have the software necessary to scan your photos as I've listed
below you can mail them to me, and I will scan them for you at no extra cost to you and mail them back to you with your order.
I really prefer this method, as most people don't scan their photos at a resolution that is suitable for restoring.
The higher the resolution the photo is scanned the higher the quality the finished photo will be. Click here to download or print an order form in pdf format to fill out and mail with your photo/photos.
If you choose to use snail mail to mail your photos email me at to get my mailing address. Be sure to package them using cardboard to protect them from being bent.

Please email me to so that I will know to expect them to come in the mail. Thank you!



Please scan your photo as prescribed below, and do not do any editing work on your photo before sending to me.
Scan in at 800 dpi or (preferably) higher if your computer will allow it. *I scan these at 1200 dpi to 24oo dpi. I can resize a very small photo as long as it is scanned in at a high resolution. The
higher it's scanned in at the more it can be enlarged. I recommend scanning a very small photo in as high of a resolution as your computer will allow you to do.
Scan in at 300 dpi *If you want it enlarged or the subject brought in closer please scan in at 400 to 600 dpi.
Scan in at least 300 dpi *If you want it enlarged or the subject brought in closer please scan at 400 dpi or higher.
**Never resize a photo after it has been scanned in. All that does is to add white dots rather than true resolution.
To enlarge a photo don't add inches, but scan at a higher dpi. For very small photos scan as high as your computer will allow.



This candle has been placed here in memory of my sweet sister, Betty, who's battle with cancer has now ended, and for all who are still
battling or have been struck down by by this terrible disease.

I love you sister! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I'll see you again soon!

The International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem,
instituted with the endorsement of hundreds of Christian leaders from around the world,
representing tens of millions of Christians, will be held annually on the first Sunday of every October, until the coming of
Our call is for sustained, fervent, informed global intercession for the plans and purposes of God for Jerusalem and all her
This global grassroots prayer initiative coincides with the season of Yom Kippur,
and for the first time in Church history, makes an effort at linking the Christian liturgical calendar with the Biblical, Jewish